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Credit Reporting Agency Dispute Letter

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Credit Reporting Agency Dispute Letter (Debtors Full Name) (Street Address), (City, State & Zip) (Credit Reporting Agency) (Address) (City, State & Zip) Date: Account Number(s): IN Re: Credit Reporting Agency Disputed Item To Whom It May Concern, It has come to our attention that you are reporting what we believe to be inaccurate data which we dispute and this letter is an appeal for your assistance. As a reporting agency you are governed by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), which protects consumers from inaccurate, outdated or invalidated information reporting of their credit file. The FCRA states that it's the Bureau's responsibility to ensure that all information contained within consumer credit files is accurate and free from errors. The following information has been allowed to be reported on my credit file, I have been denied credit and have been public embarrassed and humiliated. In an effort to investigate these accounts, I contacted the collection agency or the original creditor and asked for documentation. Among other things, I asked for evidence I was given 30-days notice to dispute the validity of the debt. The FCRA, 15 U.S.C. Section 1692g(a), mandates in no uncertain terms that a debtor has 30 days to dispute the validity of a debt. If the creditor cannot provide sufficient evidence that the debtor was given adequate notice, the debtor must be given another 30-day debt-validation period, and the creditor must provide evidence the debtor is liable for the account(s) in question. Attachments to support my claims on the following accounts have been included with this dispute letter and are noted in the listing below. I've sent several notices to these creditors or collection agencies requesting validation of the account(s) below, but they failed to provide adequate documentation proving my liability for the account in question: I hereby dispute these debts and request the following items be thoroughly investigated and deleted: (Name of Creditor), Basis for Dispute, (Account Number), (Amount) (Name of Creditor), Basis for Dispute, (Account Number), (Amount) (Name of Creditor), Basis for Dispute, (Account Number), (Amount) (Name of Creditor), Basis for Dispute, (Account Number), (Amount) (Name of Creditor), Basis for Dispute, (Account Number), (Amount) (Name of Creditor), Basis for Dispute, (Account Number), (Amount) (Name of Creditor), Basis for Dispute, (Account Number), (Amount) (Name of Creditor), Basis for Dispute, (Account Number), (Amount) Upon completion of your investigation please send a detailed description of the procedures used to determine the accuracy of the account(s) I am disputing, as well as the name and contact information of the agent conducting said investigation in case further communication is necessary. We reserve the right under [name of law] Law to record any incoming conversations and we have no obligation to advise you that they are being recorded. Sincerely, Signature Sent by Certified Mail Signature required for delivery

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